Saturday, December 4, 2010

December 4, 2010

My 365...

I love lazy days!  That is what today has been, absolutely and gloriously lazy!  The weather is cold and dreary outside, which is the perfect "snuggling on an overstuffed comfy chair with Miss Lilly reading a book" sort of weather, and that is exactly what I have been doing.

I enjoyed Karen McQuestion's book so much that I hit Amazon this morning and downloaded the rest of her available titles.  I really love the way she writes.  She is now, without question, my favorite writer!  I am now reading "Easily Amused", and I love it so far.  What I like about her writing is that the story catches you from page 1, and keeps you interested so you have to finish it.  I have started and put down SO many books up to now, so thank you Karen McQuestion, I love you...or perhaps I am just easily amused.  lol :)

 Back to reading for me.  Blake has now taken up residence on my feet playing a video game.  He loves being close to mama, but I really was enjoying the quiet.  Now all I hear is shooting, and sirens, and all that wicked video game noise!  Thank GOD for Skull Candy headphones, I can only hear the quiet of my little world.  Love you Blakey, but do not love the video games.

I would like to wish my precious niece Becky a Happy 10th Birthday!  Bless her heart she had to spend the day in the ER with a tummy ache.  I hope you feel better soon Becky!  Love you.  <3

And a message to the person causing my son's SUCK!  I could be more mature and eloquent I suppose, but this person nor this situation requires any eloquence on my part.  I suppose one has to reach down to the deep dark belly of the sewer to get this message delivered.  UGH!  I think I need to wash my hands.  I am the most patient, loving, understanding person in the world, but you mess with one of my children and you will never meet a bigger bitch than this mama mad.  I am not proud of it, and wish that I could channel the anger somehow, but I am human.  The behavior, attitudes, lack of self respect that I see in our young adults today makes me completely insane.  Where does it come from?  There is no value in their behavior whatsoever yet they continue to act like brain dead noo noo heads!  "Bust a brain cell before it is too late!"

I hope you are all having a fabulous day!  I need to get back to my ohmmmmmm.....ohmmmmmm....ohmmmm...

Until next time...


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