Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Doggy Daily

Doggy Daily for December 1, 2010

Give a dog a few inches of snow...

 "Oh yay, love this stuff!"
 "Gonna eat a giant snow ball, smells like the boys, nom nom nom....:
However, life is not that easy for the diva!

"Come on Lilly, take care of business and get back in here before you freeze!"

"Mama, I am stuck.  I can't feel my feet.  I am trying to pee pee, but the ground keeps rising up to meet me.  What the woof is going on here?"
 "I hate this, I hate this....hold me mama!"

"Look at that fool Supra, what a drool bucket of shear nonsense he is!  I am out of here!"

LOL, poor baby the snow was too deep for her to get anything done.


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