Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 8, 2012

My 365...

I love my boys.  <3  They are always thinking of me.  Casey was out on his daily skate board adventures, and he stumbled upon a new Vietnamese Market just few blocks from home.  He went in to check it out, and became fast friends with the owner.

He discovered that they have Oolong tea!  So he bought me a box of Oolong Tea Bags and a beautiful tin of Jasmine Oolong loose leaf.  They have loose leaf!  Being the awesome son that he is, he purchased some loose leaf for me as well.  The a word...heavenly.  It has a smooth, floral, delicious flavor.  "Thank you Casey."  He told me there is a wall of loose leaf Oolongs, all in different flavors.  I am so excited to try them all.

I just ordered some Velvet Oolong from TeaChaTè in Portland, Oregon, but it is awesome that I can buy some loose leaf Oolong here in Boise too.  Velvet Oolong is still my number one favorite tea in the world, and it is definitely worth the wait to ship from Portland.

It is a beautiful day here in Boise.  A seemingly "perfect" day for a long ride and picnic, but the high is supposed to be 105°f.  What?  Holy hotness Batman!  I think I will stay inside where it is nice and cool.

Hope your day has been amazing!  And not too hot.

My photos of the day...

My awesome son Casey.  <3

 "I see you mom."
Stormy skies today...

***Doggy Daily***

What have we here...deep in the wilds of the suburban back yard, Dozer...king of the beasts!
 "Rawrrrr, I am Dozer, King of the Beasts!"
 "Naw...just kidding.  Tee hee."
Dozer, the giant, sweet, marshmallow fluffy, teddy bear puppy doggy.  :)

Music I am listening to today...Dwntwn

Random Link of the Day..."Mouse Over" relaxation.

Until next time...
Peace...and Happy Monday.  :)

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,


Mafalda said...

Hello Veronica! How are you?

I am so glad I discovered your blog. Like you, I love tea and dogs :)

And Oolong tea is one of my favourites! What a great gift from Casey!

The varieties who mentioned seem quite good! I will try them as well.

Have you ever tried Tin Guan Yin? It's another oolong tea variety and it's so delicate and smooth!!

Moreover, it offers tremendous health benefits! It is a great weight loss tea, it treats digestive problems and it can also prevent cardiovascular diseases!

I enjoy drinking it a lot! Give it a try and let me know what you think of it. I'm sure you will like it as well.

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