Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 25, 2012

My 365...

Today was an amazing day.  Hump day shall forever be known as one of my favorite days.  It is the halfway point of the week, but it is also a great "recharge" day.  When I woke up this morning, I insisted to the cosmos that everything go right.  Guess what?  It did.  :)

It went right not because I had the answer to all my questions.  It went right because we have great family and friends in our corner sending prayers and positive thoughts.  I am overwhelmed with thanks and appreciation for everyone in my life.  Thank you!

There is much to be said about integrity and honesty.  I believe if you remain true to yourself, you will always succeed.  Life is not easy.  There are so many obstacles and challenges along the way that can hit out of left field.  Stay grounded.  Two feet, planted squarely on the ground and you won't be knocked over.  If it is getting hard to stand firm alone, reach out to the people you love, and they will always have your back.

Onward...and upward!

Have a great Thursday planet.  <3

My photos of the day...

Enjoying a relaxing afternoon of Hot Wheels.
 Dozer...the ultimate pillow pup.  :)

 ***Doggy Daily***

"Happy Hump Day!"

Music I am listening to today...Dave Mathews Band

Random Link of the Day...Pixels.  I love this!

Until next time...


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,


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