Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12, 2012

My 365...

I want my bike rides back!  It has been too hot and smoky to ride all week, and I am really feeling blue because of it.

Riding my bike, or shall I say fresh air and exercise in general, has had such a positive impact on my life.  I am feeling better, sleeping better, dealing with life better...and just all around a happy camper.  Today is Thursday, and I have not been able to ride all week.  I am really feeling it.  :*(

I was hoping to be able to ride tonight, but the current temperature is 105°f, and the air is very smoky due to all the fires in the area.  We need a good stiff wind to blow through the valley.  "Come on Mother Nature, you can do it!"  We have an air quality alert so riding is probably out of the question again today.  *sniff*  :*(

Blake and I are going to borrow Garrett's Wii and try some Wii tennis.  Maybe that will make me feel better.

In other news...I got my Blackberry back!  Several years ago when I started cell phone service with Sprint, I had a Blackberry and I loved it.  From there I went to Palm Pixie...hated it, then switched up to Android with the HTC Evo 4g.  The Evo did everything but the it was so heavy and the sound quality sucked!  The boys use it for YouTube and Netflix movies now.

When I switched to T-Mobile...which totally rocks by the way...I really did not care which phone I had and ordered a simple Nokia.  It had Internet, Facebook and most of the bells and whistles, but no GPS or wifi, so I decided last week it was time to upgrade.  Initially I ordered another Android device, the Motorola Defy, because it is the perfect phone for an active lifestyle.  If I drop it in the river or off my bike, it would survive.  But then found a great deal on the Blackberry through Amazon and decided to get that instead, and give the Motorola Android phone to Casey when it arrives on Friday.  The Motorola has Gorilla glass and is water proof, so being a skater Casey needs a durable phone.  He is beyond thrilled to have all the bells and whistles, and I am beyond thrilled to have a Blackberry again.  I love my Blackberry!  It runs all my apps, has a great navigation/GPS system, can be tethered to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 when I am on the run, and has wifi.  It imported all my Google calenders and contacts too which is awesome.

As for T-Mobile, I can not say enough positive things about them.  I have three lines, going to add a line for Blake when he starts school in the Fall, I have unlimited Text, Talk and a great data plan all for under $110 a month.  What?  Yep, under $110.  Compared to the $200 plus for Sprint with only two lines of service, I am very satisfied!  Thank you T-Mobile.  :)

Speaking of cell phones, have you seen the new Samsung Galaxy III?  Wow!  It runs circles around the iPhone.  Apple better step up their game...Samsung is totally rocking the mobile device world.  I did not order the Galaxy because I was not ready to put down $500 on a new cell phone, but it is an amazing mobile device.  I like the Galaxy Note too.  Maybe next upgrade.  :)

Hope you are having a great Thursday planet!  And I hope the air is fresh and clear in your world.

My photos of the day...

My Shaggy (Casey) got his RayBans...and looks so cute!  Blake's glasses will be ready early next week.
 Blackberry!  So nice and simple yet powerful.
 Yummy breakfast.

 ***Doggy Daily***

This is what I see when I am going down the stairs...blockage.

"Excuse me Dozer, can you move please?"
 "Oh sorry mama, moving now."
 "Not exactly what I had in mind silly."
"Oh Dozer, you silly hunk-o-fluff."

Music I am listening to today...Daniel Powter

Random Link of the Day...Gimme a Kiss You know you wanna. :)

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