Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4, 2010

My 365...

Blake stayed home from school today. They were supposed to have a field trip to the Kuna Agriculture Center, which sounds like fun to me, but he did not want to go. At first he would not say why, giving me all sorts of lame excuses. Then it dawned on me! The last we heard his brother Brandon was living in or around Kuna. Blake misses Brandon so much it hurts, so he was either worried he might see him, or worried he might not. :(

I wish his brother Brandon realized how much confusion and pain he is causing his little brother. Blake adores Brandon, and to leave with no goodbyes or explanations was really unforgivable.

Oh Blakey *sigh*

Here he is looking out of his window. He loves the window in his new room because you can see the foothills behind the trees. He is constantly hanging out of that window! :)

He enjoyed a beautiful day rolling around in the soft grass.

This lovely tree is growing next the the shed and the colors are so pretty.

And this my friends is a "before" shot of the jungle that is my back yard. The grass is so soft, green and SO TALL!!! I am hoping Garrett brings the lawn mower over this weekend so we can cut the grass.

I will post the after picture when I do. :)

Until tomorrow....


Daisylynn Photography said...

Sorry that you all have to go through that. I know Blake doesn't understant. I bet he had an awesome day with mom, though!

Veronica said...

Thank you Shanna, we did have an awesome day together. :)

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