Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 05, 2010

My 365...

Being a mother comes with good times and bad. During the bad times, this mama takes on a new persona that would suggest "Hell hath no fury like a mama scorn!" That is true, oh so very true.

It is during these times that the enemy, those scorning the mama, may suggest that "mom has lost her marbles!"

I am happy to report that my marbles are all present and accounted for...

I keep them safe and all in a row....

...even the bad marbles are there. I would never toss them out completely because some day they may come to their senses and look beautiful like the rest. :)

I do love my marbles!

Until next time...


Daisylynn Photography said...

I wish my marbles were all present and accounted for! hahaha

Veronica said...

LOL Shanna. They are there I promise! :)

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