Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hello May 1st...

It is 2:07am, and the house is so quiet. It feels very strange. My eldest son flew from the nest this evening to move into his first home. Poor baby was absolutely exhausted when I kissed him goodbye just a few minutes ago. Moving is a dastardly thing!

He still has a few more things to get, but it was too late and he was too tired, so he will be back tomorrow to finish. Such a huge step for him, and in his usual Garrett fashion, he kept asking me if everything was ok? He is always genuinely worried about the boys and I. And I realized how blessed I truly am. I worry about where my illness will lead me, and worry about life down the line but find such tremendous comfort in knowing I have three sons who love me, always worry about me and I have nothing to fear in future.

I am so going to miss having him home. Thank GOD he did not move too far.

As a mom I could not be prouder of the man, person, son he has grown into. Such a shining example for his little brothers. They love him so much, and he has never let them down.

Now he starts his life with his precious girlfriend Kori whom I adore, and their puppers Supra.

So now his room is empty, and I need to get some cleaning done. Blake however wasted no time.

He already hung a Pokemon poster on "his" new wall...
Made sure the closet was empty so he could start moving in....
...and designated a place for his Webkinz. :) He is so adorable!

This is now officially Blake's room. It will have a nice rug, sofa, TV of course, and new computer desk.

The most exciting part for me is that after 24 years of being a mom, "I" get to have my very own room. No toys, no video games, and I am going to make it a loverly foofy mama room for me and Miss Lilly. Dozer of course will be sharing the room with Blake.

I think we will be OK.

Hmm..maybe I should get some sleep. This "mom" thing is an exhausting job, but the best gig in the world when your children grow up right. :*)

I love you son! And I miss you already!


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