Thursday, May 27, 2010

Doggy Daily

Doggy Daily for May 24, 2010

Everyone gather round, have I got a story for you!

I was chilling in my castle minding my own business, when all of a sudden this little yellow bead rolled up to my door and said...

"Miss Lilly, come hither, I am so delicious you KNOW you want to eat me!"

So I studied the little bead very carefully. Miss Lilly is gonna do what a Miss Lilly has to do and that is eat whatever comes her way!

Next thing I know the bead is stuck....ON MY BACK TOOTH!! The more I bit down the worse it got. There I was bucking and jumping like a wild crazy filly.

Mama looked at me as if she thought I had lost my mind! "What in the world is the matter with you?" she shouted.

"Mama help, it is stuck!" I screamed with all my might.

She calmly took me into her arms, put her finger in my mouth and "popped" that evil little bead loose.

Phew! What a horrible experience that was for poor little me. :(

But Miss Lilly knows how to work it...mmmhmmm! Mama felt so bad for me...

...I got fresh scrambled eggs for dinner!

The End


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