Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 22, 2010

My 365...

I am so blessed, I have the most amazing sons in the world!

Garrett, now living on his own, calls me daily to make sure we are OK and to see if we need anything. He stopped by after a long hard day at work yesterday just to say hello and give mama a hug. :) And I am so proud of him, he is shooting his first wedding today and I know the pictures will be amazing. That is one lucky bride!

Casey comes in my room several times a day to make sure I am happy, and not too stressed or sad, then he says "I love you mom" and gives me a big hug.

Blake gives me at least a hundred hugs a day and says "I love you mom" a thousand times more.

This morning he came in my room and said "Breakfast in bed! You bring me breakfast in bed every morning for school so now I am bringing breakfast for you!" He had a nice slice of carrot cake with fresh berries sprinkled on top. He even cut some fresh strawberries for me. What an amazing way to start the day. Thank you son.

My heart is still breaking for the two children I am missing. None of it makes any sense to me since they were loved and nurtured just like their brothers. Life takes strange turns sometimes that are difficult to understand, but there is a reason for everything that happens. Fortunately for me, I have been able to experience a silver lining in all that has gone wrong thus I keep on hoping for a silver lining here.

We have always had a loving family, so I can not fathom that the two that are gone are not missing being a part of the love we have for each other in my family. I am proud of that. It is real, it is "honest" and not pretentious or based on material wealth, it is pure warm forever love that comes with no strings attached and it is so precious to me. And I see more and more that my three sons still with me do not take that for granted for even a second.

It really is a perfect day. It is raining outside, a chilly 42 degree with snow in the hills. A perfect day to snuggle in bed with Miss Lilly and a good book. So that is exactly what I am going to do. I start training for a new client on Monday so I need a nice long weekend of nothingness to clear my mind.

Have a wonderful weekend world, I know my boys and I will! You can't lose with carrot cake and fresh berries served to you by a sweet adorable blue-eyed boy. :)

Until next time...


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