Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 9, 2015 - Summertime Heat!

It has been so hot this week.  Our highs are approaching 100°f, and with very low humidity, it is hot!
My biggest challenge has been keeping my little hens cool.  I have filled a cooler with ice, and blow a fan through it to their run.  I have also been feeding them frozen corn and peas, and putting lots of ice in their water.  Letting them out of their run several times a day to flap their wings helps too.  So far so good.

We are almost done with the coop too.  After it cools down this evening, I will plant some mint, lavender and strawberry around the coop.  Then all that is left is for Garrett to finish the siding, Jack to create a shaded roof for the run, and for me to decide whether or not I want to paint it.  I sort of like the rough look of it.  Using all reclaimed and recycled wood, it has a very eclectic look about it. I may leave it natural, or paint the trim white.  Either way it is an awesome coop, and I love it!

I finally got to talk to my Nana in Texas today.  She hardly ever answers the phone anymore, so I usually end up speaking to the staff to be sure she is okay.  And my auntie Rita checks on her too. Aunt Rita and I speak at least once a week so we can keep each other up to date on how Nana is doing.  Nana sounded wonderful this morning, very cheerful and happy, and she remembered who I was.  The last few conversations we had, she was very confused, and the last batch of photos of the boys and grandchildren that I sent her, really confused her. She kept saying that she had no clue who all those people where?  :'(  Bless her heart.  She still remembers me though, and that makes my heart happy.  <3  She is 96 years old now..

Some photos from my world...

Garden #1 is growing great!  My special, home-made bug spray has been working wonderfully.  I still have all my seedlings for garden #2 to plant.
 Blake, staying cool the only way he knows how.

 The most delicious water in the world is garden hose water.  :)
 The diva, keeling an eye on her chick chicks.
 Annabelle and Rosie.

 Miss Thelma.
 The lovely Annabelle.  They all have the softest feathers, and are getting so big.  I love my hens!
Jack, working on the coop today.  The large orange cooler is full of ice, with a fan blowing cool air into the coop.  He is working on my planting boxes in front of the coop.  

My yard looks amazing!  I am very proud of my little back-yard farm.  :)

***UPDATE***  And the little planter boxes are finished!  I planted apple mint, strawberries and lavender.  

I LOVE it! Thank you Jack.  :)

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.


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