Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9, 2013

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We had so much fun on our bike ride yesterday, that today we are pooped!  Pedaling against the wind is quite the work out.  But here is what I love about biking.  If I were to get my ride on a stationary exercise bicycle, I would probably get in six miles, get tired and say "enough for today."  When I am riding my bike in the great outdoors, I might get 6 miles in like yesterday...but I can't say "enough for today" because I still have to pedal the next six miles to get home.  Unless of course I call a taxi, and that would be simply ridiculous.  lol :)

I also love all the fresh air and scenery that comes with biking in Idaho.  One of the many reasons I am so glad I live here.

I had to laugh at Brandon the other day when we went to the zoo and to dinner.  After dinner he kept asking me, "Are you sure you can ride all the way home on your bike mom?  Want me to call you a cab?  I am not used to seeing you outside like this!"  Blake and I laughed because we ride at least 20 miles a week, and have been for a year now.  "Piece of cake son...piece of cake."   :)

I love you Idaho!

Some blooms in my yard today.

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