Friday, May 17, 2013

May 17, 2013

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Happy Friday planet!  This has been a long busy week, so we are really looking forward to the weekend.

I am feeling a bit tired and cranky.  I think it is because I have not had a chance to ride my bike all week. Hopefully the weather cooperates, and I can get some riding in this weekend.  I am going to set a goal for 20 miles by Monday.  Can I do it?  Heck yes I can!  Unless it rains of course.  :)  Garrett also mentioned possibly driving up the mountain to go Morel mushroom hunting.  I have never done that before, so hopefully we can.  My camera is very happy in the mountains!

I was up pretty late last night with Garrett.  He was building different flash diffusers for me to use with my internal flash.  I hate the harsh lines of an internal flash, but sometimes the pictures need a little extra light.  My favorite flash photos are using the external flash, but that thing goes through batteries so quickly.  Garrett made some pretty interesting contraptions for me to use on the internal flash that worked really well.  He is so brilliant when it comes to photography.  He has taught me so much.  I love sharing a hobby with my number one son.  :)

Have a great weekend everyone.
Casey is ready for the weekend.
 Blake, finishing up his math lesson so he can start the weekend.
Garrett's flash inventions.  They work really great too!
 Bloom of the day, purple Iris.

Five days, five blooms.  All flowers from my yard.  

***Doggy Daily***
Photo using Garrett's home made diffuser.  Not as harsh as just using the internal flash.  I love it!

Music I am listening to today...Stevie Wonder , Higher Ground

Random Link of the Day...Spring Vegetable Casserole

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