Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013

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Happy days are here again, and so is my boy noise!  After being gone for 5 days, my Blake is home.  :)  He surprised me this afternoon and it was awesome because I got to spend a little time playing with my grandson Cooper, and see Brandon and Amber again as well.

I had a feeling he would be coming home today when he called me just after midnight last night and asked me to "Skype" with him.  "Why do you want to Skype son, let's just talk on the phone?"

"No, I miss you and I want to see you!"  Awwww.  :*)

Thank you again Amber and Brandon for being the best big brother and sister a kid could ask for!  Between Garrett, Kori, Brandon, Amber and Casey, I would say Blake is a very lucky young man.

He has decided to relax and play video games the rest of the day.  "School can wait until tomorrow mom, I just want to relax."

I have to agree with him there.  :)

Blake is home!
My precious grandson Cooper.

 Cooper and I created our family in Playmobil.  That is me on the far right with camera for picture taking, laptop for blogging, then Brandon, Amber and new baby in the stroller, Cooper standing next to them and Blake and his BMX bike and skateboard next to Cooper.  Perfect!  :)

Enjoying some play time with my precious grandson Cooper.  I love him so much!

***Doggy Daily***

"Miss Lilly is one happy diva with her Blake home!"

Guest Doggy Daily photo by Kori.  Love it!

Music I am listening to today...The Open Sea , All In A Day

Random Link of the Day...Coconut Lime Bars

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