Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 8, 2013

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Happy Wednesday Planet!

After school this morning, I told the boys I wanted to check out a new park in the next town over.  On the map it looked to be only a 6.4 mile ride each way.  Piece of cake...right?

We had the wind at our back on the way to the park, so we could easily average 11 - 12 mph.  On the way home however, a big storm had formed in the mountains and was barreling down on us.  The entire 6 mile ride home was directly into 24 mph wind gusts.  Let me tell you...that was one heck of a work out! Casey and I laughed most of the way home because Blake was freaking out worried that we were going to be struck by lightning.  lol  I was just happy to make it home without getting rained on.

It was an awesome way to spend an afternoon with my boys.  :)

The park we visited was Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park.  Really a beautiful park.  It is a good 12 mile ride round trip. We will definitely be going again.

Hope you had a great day!

Let's ride boys!
 Julius M Kleiner Memorial Park

A storm brewing in the mountains.

This will be a great place to go sledding in the winter.
 "We are going to get struck by lightning!"
 Almost home.
Blue skies ahead.
 Total ride...12.01 miles.
 Dinner is served.  Turkey breast on wheat, with a cup of cream of celery soup.  Yummy!

***Doggy Daily***
Doggy Daily photo taken by my son Garrett of Kori's dog Stella.  :)

Music I am listening to today...Michael Logen, St Christopher On My Way

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