Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015 - Super Moon, Super Weekend

We had a great weekend. Garrett's best friend Travis got married Saturday, congratulations Travis, so they asked Blake if he would mind coming over and watching every one's dogs for the day.

Blake really enjoyed his afternoon of dog sitting, and he sent me a lot of canine selfies.  I kept Skype open so when would not feel so alone.

Blake enjoyed the day with two Labradors, a Golden Retriever and a Pointer, and he did a great job taking care of everyone.  He is such a responsible young man.  I am very proud of my Blake. :) 

Garrett enjoyed the wedding, and he said it was a beautiful event.  Here is a picture of Garrett with his beautiful girlfriend Genevieve, taken by the groom's father on Gen's iPhone.  
They make such a lovely couple.  :)

Last night, Blake and I headed out for a photography adventure.  The goal of the evening was to catch some photos of the Lunar Eclipse.  It was certainly a beautiful sight to see!  Taking pictures was not so easy though.  Focusing on the moon with no light shining from it was difficult at best.  But we still managed to get in a few shots.  Blake's pictures are the best!  I am so proud of him.  I love that we share the same hobby too.

 Photo by Blake.
 Photo by Blake.

It was a chilly night last night too, but it felt great to get back on my bike again and take a ride to the park.  Now that it is cooler, and my favorite season, it is time to ramp up the cycling adventures.  And along with cycling adventures, Blake and I have decided that we will have photography shoot-offs with every adventure as well.  He loves photography, and will be taking it is school next semester. He is also working with Garrett at the photography studio too, so he is around photography all the time.  

Now not only will it be a Canon vs Nikon contest, but also a Blake vs Mama.  Not that we will be competing against each other's photography skills, as Blake is an awesome photographer, but it will be fun to see our different perspectives on the same subject matter.  

Garrett, Brandon, Casey and Blake are all amazing photographers.  We are just a snap-happy kind of family.  :)

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.


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