Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 9, 2014

Hello Dear Family,

Boys, I would like to take a moment to say "Thank you."  :)

As a family, we have had many growing pains. I know it has not been easy growing up with an over-zealous, over-protective, over-involved, extremely emotional mama, and a not always "emotionally there" father.  We have all had our moments.  Those moments when I have tried to hold on too tightly, and not understood my place, to those times when you all have all been a pain in my buttoxal area. Mmhmm, you remember those moments don't you?  Those moments when mama screams..."What the hell are you thinking?"

But no matter the storm, no matter the conflict, all four of you have remained loyal to this family, and this speaks volumes of the kind of amazing human beings you are.  No tantrums, no back stabbing, and no turning your back on the awesomeness that is us.  I am so very proud of all four of you, and am thankful to call you my sons.

The mother is supposed to teach her child, however I can say with absolute certainty, that my children have also taught me many things.  And I truly believe that if I were to fall off the face of the earth tomorrow, you would take care of each other.  (You better...or I will haunt you to eternity!) *insert evil grin here*

Each one of you  have hung the moon in my sky.  Even those times when I have wanted to kick your butt over said moon, I can not even begin to fathom my life without you in it.  Even daddy...that simple, sometimes annoying rascal of a man, life just would not be the same without him.  And I know the four of you would agree.  I am glad we voted to keep daddy around.  :)

The next 25 - 30 years...yep, that is right, mama is not going anywhere soon...are going to be amazing!!

I love you all so much!

That is all.

LOL, I can hear the four of you now..."Mama must be having a menopausal sort of day."  You would be right my darlings, my hormones are crazy today!  I would advise you all to maintain a safe distance...

I love you.  :)

Hope your Saturday is going well planet.

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.

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