Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 26, 2014

Hello Dear Family,

Happy Tuesday planet.  Day two of school, first full day of school, and Blake is still excited about this year. This is good.  It amazes me how organized he is. He is one of those kids who knows what he needs to do...and he gets it done.  He is smart, dedicated, ambitious and determined.  In other words...I think he is pretty darn amazing.  :)

Today is also National Dog Day.  Goodness, we are a house of dogs. When it is just me, home alone with the dogs, they are perfect.  If we have anyone over visiting, they are impossible!  Hmmm...they behave likes dogs.  Imagine that?

Dozer is the oldest of the bunch, our senior citizen.  He is definitely the sweetest dog of our home. He loves everyone, and everyone loves him. My only complaint about Dozer is that he loves to roll in all things stinky. I don't know what it is about this dog, but if there is a pile of poop on the ground, he feels it is his duty to "roll baby roll!"  He is also a wanderer. Great Pyrenees are guard dogs. They are primarily nocturnal creatures, and they spend their time patrolling the perimeter of the property they guard. That is Dozer...minus the guard dog part. He will patrol the perimeter, all the while inviting every stranger in the county over for dinner.

Ducati is number two.  Oh that Ducati! He is an extremely demanding Nervous Nelly, and wants things done his way and NOW. He is very smart, and crazy sensitive. I have adopted him now that Casey has moved out.  Ducati stays in my room, but I have to keep him confined next to my desk, or he goes crazy looking to harass Miss Lilly.  Otherwise, he perfect. If it is just the two of us, he is calm, sweet and content. The micro second anyone walks into my room, the dog has a complete nervous breakdown. I am hoping that as he settles into this life with just mama, he calms down a bit.  I am sure he will. Now that Blake is back in school, I have been trying to see if Ducati and Miss Lilly can co-habitate peacefully.  He did really well today. Miss Lilly spent the day lounging on my desk chair with Ducati curled up on the floor next to the chair.  He was not completely obsessed with her, and they got along swimmingly  He did great, and I am really proud of him. I would say we are off to a good start.

Next we have Supra the Wonder dog. Being a Great Dane he is definitely the most powerful dog of our pack. He looks like a formidable, vicious canine, but truth be told, he is the biggest baby. Supra is huge, so he gets everyone's attention. He is also extremely vocal. He communicates by his deep growl. It can be a little intimidating if you don't know that he is simply complaining to the world like a diva, or just trying to say hello. When he is prancing around the yard like a big macho dog, everyone thinks he is Cujo.  What I see in my mind's eye is the scene from Birdcage when Robin Williams is dancing on stage, "You do Fosse, Fosse, Fosse..."  Shhh...don't tell Garrett I said that.  lol  :)

Finally, the diva extraordinaire, Miss Lilly...the queen of the castle.  She is without question, the sweetest little dog I have ever known.  Miss Lilly is perfect.  She is extremely intelligent, and obedient to a fault.  Miss Lilly never gets in trouble. She has never run away, she comes when you call her, and is the most eager to please little creature on the planet. I adore this little bitch.  We all do.

Happy National Dog Day! We have a tendency to take our furry friends for granted, and on days like today, as I spent a little time taking their photos, I was reminded to give them back all the love they give.  And as they start to drive me crazy...as they often do...I simply need to pause, and look into their sweet loving eyes and realize they only need a little love.  And perhaps a piece of cheese.  <3

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.

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Miss Lilly, Ducati, Dozer and Supra...my puppies. It is amazing what they will do for a Scooby snack.  :)

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