Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

Hello Dear Family,

Blake had orientation at his Junior High this morning. Of course he could not sleep at all last night, as he was so excited about it. I could not sleep either.  He came into my room about 4:00AM, and decided to get ready...five hours early!  I like his enthusiasm.  Needless to say, we both had a very long nap this afternoon.  :)

I am very happy about his schedule this semester too.  He is getting two math classes, which is awesome because it is his least favorite subject.  And most exciting, he is joining choir.  Blake has an amazing voice, and he loves to sing. What I love about Blake is that he is definitely all boy.  He excels in any sport he enjoys.  He is great at basketball, he loves skateboarding and BMX, but he also loves music.  He would rather use his extra time in school to explore music.  And mama does not have to worry about serious injury from my least favorite  Thank God he is not interested in football!  We are not a football family at all...and that makes me so happy.  Big brother Garrett was a football player all through school, and a great one at that. Unfortunately, he still suffers from all the serious injuries from the game even now at age 26. Nope...I am NOT a fan of football!

Blake has grown so much this summer. I was going through all the shirts I got for him last year, and they look so small compared to the shirts he has been wearing this summer. And I have a feeling he has a lot of growing to do yet. And the shoes...definitely needs a new pair of shoes.  It seems like he needs a new pair of shoes every other month!

Hope you had a great Monday planet.

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.

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I enjoyed a little tennis ball fetch with old pup Dozer this evening.
 He loved it!
 He may be a senior citizen, but he can still chase a ball like a puppy.

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