Saturday, May 3, 2014

May 3, 2014

Hello Dear Family,

I am sorry I have been so blue this week.  Not feeling well really gets me down, especially when the weather is so perfect outside, and I am stuck inside.  Seems my RA has decided to remind me that it is here to stay. But thank you for going out of your way to cheer me up.

It did not help that my brand new computer decided to crash for no logical reason what-so-ever, rendering it completely useless until I receive the recovery disk, in 5 - 10 business days from Acer.  A recovery disk that should have been included with said new computer.  Want to see a grown woman cry? Just crash her technology, and make it impossible for her to instantly remedy with a safe boot and factory restore.  "How dare you Acer, you suck!"  Making me wish I would have stuck with HP.  And mama always backs up her data monthly, but with a brand new computer...and having owned it for less than a month...I did not feel the need to back up yet.  Yep, I lost everything.  Thank God for my blog, I have all the pictures saved on this glorious little blog-o-mine.

At least the computer is still under warranty.  If I am not satisfied with the restore process, then back to the store it will go.  I am not sure I can trust a computer company that charges you for a restore disk, when it should have been packaged with the damn thing to begin with.  Again I say..."Acer, you suck!"

Blake, saying "I love you mom, don't be sad," in every single language that Google translate offers, really made me smile last night.  I was pretty impressed with your multiple  Thank you son. Garrett, thank you for that giant bear hug, I needed it!  And Amber, thank you for being so supportive, and understanding.  You are the best daughter-in-law a mama could ever wish for.  I love you honey.

Today will be a better day.  :)

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Sorry you are feeling blue mama.
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