Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014

Hello Dear Family,

Casey, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the awesome message you posted last night.  I wish that life could have been easier for you, and that you would have had, and have today, the strength in a father figure that every young man needs.  I will say this, I am very proud of the man that you are.  Your strength, your passion and your determination amaze me each and every day.

I am posting your message here, so that I will have it always.

My message from Casey...

"I know its a day late but I oughta post this. This post is dedicated to my mother Veronica Robertson. This woman was there for me when nobody was and was there for me when my father left us in my teens when a father should be there most but he wasn't. She's put up with me getting in trouble all the time and even being kicked out of school. She was there when my anxiety was at its worst and unlike all my therapists she would actually listen instead of nodding their heads and saying 'yeah' over and over again. She's helped me overcome bad habits and bad crowds that could of landed me in jail or worse. Everyone would of gave up on me but she never did. She was there night and day despite our arguments and me even straight up leaving a few times. But every time I left I would come home because at the end of the day its the only place I feel I belong and feel comfortable. I love my mom to the moon and back and that doesn't even cover half of it. In my mind she's the greatest mother there is, my best friend, and the only person I want to impress. ''There ain't a woman alive that can take my mamas place.'' Love you mom, more than the world its self."

Casey, I will always be your soft place to land...and I am your biggest fan.  I love you son.

I enjoyed my Mother's Day.  Casey, Garrett and Blake went out of their way to make me feel special, and I sincerely appreciated it.  Mother's Day is a big deal for me.  Being a mom is not easy...especially when you are trying to do it alone.  That fact is not lost on my boys, and they went out of their way to let me know that I am doing good job.  Thank you my darling sons.

Happy Monday planet.  Hope your Monday was kind to you.  :)

My 365...
Last night Garrett, Blake and I decided to attempt to trim Supra's nails.  They seriously needed it!  The problem is that Supra is HUGE, and he does not let anyone touch his paws.  Holding Supra down is much like wrestling a 200 pound grizzly/bucking Clydesdale mix.  It is a dangerous proposition.  But I was determined to get it done.

Final results...Mama V 1 - Supra the Wonder Dog 0!  Yep...he now has a lovely manicure.  :)

Blake and Supra the Wonder Dog.  

Music I am listening to today...James Taylor, Fire and Rain

The Daily V...


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,

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