Saturday, April 17, 2010

Doggy Daily...

Doggy Daily for April 17, 2010

Well it is official, I love her. :) Who you might ask? Miss Lilly. I did not think I could because she is so tiny...and I am used to big dogs. She is a she...and I have always had male dogs. Although she is a BIG dog in a little body and is SO feisty!

In the last few days she has really shown attachment to me. She jumps up at my chair when she is tired and she wants to snuggle, I put her to sleep in her castle or crate, and she has to be in the bed snuggled up next to me. She has won my heart.

The only thing I would change is her nickname. No more Princess Piranha for Miss Lilly, she is absolutely a DIVA!

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