Thursday, February 18, 2010

A time to let go...

My 365 for February 18, 2010

I have come to realize that in a mother's life there are many milestones. A time to nurture, a time to teach, a time to play, a time to see wonder and feel pride, a time where you may not agree with chosen paths, a time to try to lead the astray back home, and finally...a time to let go.

Mothers can not control the weather, they can not fix all that breaks, can not deposit millions into our bank accounts and take away all of the financial woes. What we can do as mothers is be honest. Tell the truth, shoot it straight and spare the sugar coated pretties. When something needs to be said, it must be said with absolutely certainty and straight forward honesty. That often hurts. Causing pain is never the intention, helping those we love "take notice" of potential problems is our only agenda. Yet our words are often twisted leaving us feeling guilty and cruel.

We can love our children, and we can be there for our children, however we can not accept disrespect and total disregard. That is never fair for any mother. And we can never wear the blinders comfortably. Those are for horses....mothers can see through them, around them, so they do not help at all.

What this mother will say is "I love you" and I will hold you in my prayers." Chose wisely, and make your choice your own. And remember the choices you make are forever. Remember the words you speak to me cause pain and are not quickly forgotten. No, I do not hold a grudge, but I also do not forget.

I love my world, I love my home, I love my children, I love my dogs, I love my family and friends, and I am happy. I do not feel the world owes me a damn thing. The path I have taken is one I chose and continue to journey down. With my head held high, love in my heart, and a smile on my face. That will not change.


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