Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let it snow!

Good Afternoon Interweb Friends,

We had a little snow in the valley last night, so it was nice to wake to a blanket of soft white covering the ground, it is a clear beautiful day today. One thing I love about this great city of ours is that the air is so sweet and the weather is perfect 98.9 % of the time. Having been raisedin Texas, it is great to experience true seasons! I love you Texas, but I don't miss you much. I miss my family, but not the unseasonably warm temperatures. I just need to get my sisters to move to Idaho, and then life would be perfect!

My exercise for the day is going to be cleaning the house from one end to the other while listening to some great music on my iPod. I am sure there will be some serious calories burned the way I clean! Time to move furniture around a bit too. I like to mix it up every now and then to make my space feel new. :)

Don't think I will get much help from this little guy. Shhhhh, Blakey is sleeping late today. He looks so sweet when he is sleeping.

Have an awesome day!


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