Thursday, March 17, 2016

March 17, 2016 - Home Is Where The Heart Is

I can remember sitting quietly with Casey when he was a little boy, snuggling and watching Zoro on the Disney channel.  Casey was always so emotional and suffered from severe anxiety from a very young age. Life was definitely going to be a challenge for my son.  And I worried.  I prayed every day that life would get easier for Casey and that someday he would find his forever love and have the perfect, happy, ordinary, well-deserved, beautiful life.

And it has happened. :)

Casey has found his forever love in his beautiful wife Brianna.  Goodness, I do love Brianna.  She is so sweet and kind and pretty much awesome.  Casey will be a father to a son in less than two months, and have his forever family.  Casey has a good job and has moved into a lovely home.  He has started to live his perfect, happy, ordinary, well-deserved life, and this mom could not be happier.

Casey has overcome all the roadblocks, road bumps, and straight-off-the-cliff moments, and grown into a fine young man.  He is loving, fearless, loyal, devoted and strong.  He still suffers from anxiety, and has moments of great stress, and ground-falling-out-from-under-your-feet feelings, but he never lets life get him down. He has a lot of faith, and I am very thankful to God for guiding him and having his back always.  I am very proud to be his mom.

I went to visit Casey and Brianna today and see their lovely new home.  Ducati is finally living with his favorite human on the planet, his boy Casey, and is about to have a new little boy to watch over and protect.  They are going to be very happy here.  <3

The nursery is beautiful!  They are going with a western theme, and the furniture and artwork are perfect.

Casey, Brianna, baby Axel and Ducati, I love you to the moon and back!! <3

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,

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