Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 15, 2015 - The Mystical Magical Mouse Adventure

Blake and I were planning a nice relaxing day today.  He was going to enjoy a day of Fallout 4 gaming, and I was going to do my usual "back-seat gaming," and watch him play.

Garrett arrived home from a photo shoot, and we went upstairs to my computer so that he could show me the AMAZING photos he took of Genevieve's sister and her beautiful little family.  All of a sudden we hear Blake scream....

"OH MY GOD MOM!!!"  Followed by words that neither Garrett nor I could decipher.

For a split second, I panicked.  All I could think was that something had happened to one of the hens. I had them both free-ranging in the backyard.  Garrett was home, so that meant that Supra was possibly outside.  I am thinking, "OMG, Supra is enjoying some delicious chicken nuggets in the backyard!!!"

Then Blake bursts into the room..."I caught him, mom, I caught him!!!"  And there he stands holding a long plastic tube containing a tiny little bitty adorable mouse.  What the hell?  We have lived here for years, and I have never seen a mouse in the house.  Lately, I have been leaving to door to the garage slightly open so that Dozer can come in and out of the house with ease.  Not anymore!

Garrett and Blake rush downstairs because Blake is saying there is another mouse.  He had spotted two of them, and Blake was determined to capture the other little scoundrel.  What ensued was hilarity at its finest.  Blake flipping over furniture, determined to catch a mouse, and Garrett, standing over the bucket with the first one making an iPhone video.  LOL.  SO funny!

Needless to say, we released the little fella into the backyard, and the other one scurried back into the garage. I am thinking..."Extra protein for the chickens?"  Don't worry, no tiny little bitty adorable mouse was harmed today.

It was a great end to a bit of a stressful week.  Gotta love my boys, never a dull moment.  :)

Garrett, securing the chickens before anything else exciting happens.  Thank you son.
 Getting some iPhone video of our new little friend.
Garrett's iPhone video.
 Miss Lilly is mortified!
 "This little creature MUST be banished!"

Some more pictures of my world from earlier this week...

Blake, waiting for Fallout 4 to finish installing on the Xbox One.
 I think Miss Lilly knows that she has "temporarily" been replaced by a video game.

I enjoyed watching Blake play the game.  It really is a very cool video juego.  :)

A beautiful Autumn day in our city of trees.  :)

Have a great Monday, and an awesome week ahead.  :)

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.


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