Sunday, July 5, 2015

July 5, 2015 - Happy July!

So far, so good, that is how I feel about July!  It has been ridiculously hot!  We have had record breaking heat for two weeks now.  One day our high got up to 110°f.  We usually don't see 100° temperatures until the end of July to early August, and it is only for a few weeks.  Summers here are usually very mild.  Mild it has NOT been!

Today has been perfect though...look at the current temperature...
So much better than 110°f!

Despite the heat, the chickens are doing well.  Jack fashioned an air conditioner of sorts using the nesting box.  He added a fan, and we keep frozen water bottles in the box to blow cool air under the run.  That, and keeping frozen water bottles inside their waterer, and letting them free range during the heat of the day, has helped. They are healthy and growing well.  The day the temperature reached 110°f , I did make a temporary pen and bring them inside for a few hours.  OMG that is the LAST time I ever do that!  Just having them inside for a short time, they made a huge mess.  For you see...chickens have no manners, and are pooping machines.  They were confined to a small space, so clean up was easy, but NEVER AGAIN!  Chickens belong outside.  I think I might install chicken coop air conditioning before I ever do that again. lol

Jack's chicken air conditioner.
 Chickens in the kitchen.  The temperature this day topped out at 110°f!
 Miss Lilly, absolutely mortified that there are chickens in the
In other news, much to my extreme joy, Casey has decided not to move to California.  YAY!  I would never hold him back if that is what he truly wanted to do, but I would miss him so much.  Even though Casey can be the king of chaos around here, I love him so much.  I love all my boys so much. If we do move to Cascade in 2017, I want to take them all with me!  I know that is probably impossible, but I would if I could.  :)

Casey did have his final appointment with the orthodontist on Thursday, and he has been officially released from braces, retainers and all is complete!  It has been quite the journey for him, and we are both so happy it is over.  And his smile is amazing.  Here are his before and after photos.

Today is granddaughter Penny's 2nd Birthday!!  "Happy Birthday Penny!"  She is the most adorable, intelligent, funny, and amazing little diva.  She truly is all diva.  She loves animals, and enjoys chasing the chickens around the yard.  She even rides horses  When she and big brother Cooper go to visit their grandma Nicki, they ride their horses.  So cool!  

 My handsome Cooper.  He cut his long curls and looks like a handsome young man.
 Here he is telling me all about his new bow.  He loves archery.
 My sweet little Penny.
 I adore my little grand babies.  They are such a joy.  <3
My garden is growing well.  We should be able to start harvesting very soon.

Jack, Blake and I enjoyed an awesome 4th of July.  We rode our bikes down to Ann Morrison park to watch the fireworks.  The display was amazing!  I did manage to get a flat tire by the time we got to the park.  We started the 4-mile walk home and Jack made me ride his bike. He is such a gentleman, he walked my bike the rest of the way home.  "Thank you honey."
 Beautiful Boise sunset.

This evening Blake got to shoot off some of his own fireworks. 

This has been a great summer!

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.


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