Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 12, 2015 - A Great Week

This has been a great week.  The weather has been so much cooler, and we have even had some good rain storms.

We have enjoyed a nice quiet week of gardening, chickens and pups.  Blake has decided that our new home has to be on at least 4 acres.  He is getting really tired of tossing his Frisbee over the fence.  lol :)

I also got to talk to my nana today.  It is usually hit or miss when I call her, as she seldom hears the phone ringing, bless her heart.  But today she answered...yay!  She knew it was me calling too, and that always makes me happy.  There have been times where she is very confused, and does not know who I am, or remember the boys, and that makes me sad.  She is getting close to 100 years old though, so it is to be expected.  I was just very happy to hear her cheerful voice today.  We talked about the boys, Idaho, and how delicious rain water tastes.  She was telling me that she caught some rain water in her hands and had a sip.  Much better than the water from the faucet.

Our week in photos...

 My first yellow squash, and lemon boy tomato.  They were delicious.

 Blake has been an amazing chicken farmer.  He is up at the crack of dawn to feed, water and free range the chicks, and I do not even have to ask him.  He is a great kid.  :)

 Garrett, helping me keep the girls out of the garden.

Life is good!

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.


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