Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 19, 2015 - The Year Of The Yellow Squash

Another delightfully peaceful week in my world.  I love it when that happens.  The weather has been nice and mild, with clear skies and perfect temperatures.

Garrett, Brandon, Amber, Cooper, Penny, Casey and Blake are doing well, and that makes me happy. Jack and I are doing great too.

The jungle...erhmmm, garden, continues to grow well.  The yellow squash has definitely taken over all three of my planting boxes.  It is a good thing I LOVE squash!  I am getting big beautiful yellow squash this first year.  The tomatoes have exploded too, but are not ready for picking just yet.  Garrett and Blake are keeping a close eye on my Kentucky Pole Beans. Every time they find a bean, they pluck it and eat it.  The plant itself is HUGE, and looks beautiful, but is definitely going to produce a lot of beans.  It is hard to believe that it all started from a few little seeds I planted.

The plants that are not doing so great are all my jalapeño and pepper plants in the main garden.  The other plants are choking them out.  I think I am going to try to transplant them to another location.  The worst that can happen is that they don't survive the move, but they are not surviving in the garden anyway.  I do have one pepper in the second garden that is doing well.  I also need to start a new herb garden.  You can never have enough basil and cilantro!

This gardening has definitely been a learning experience, and a hobby I have truly enjoyed. :)

The chickens continue to grow and thrive.  I am worried about my Welsummer chicken, Thelma.  She has a been limping this week.  :'(  Poor dear will run out of the coop with the other chickens to free range, but once she has done a little foraging, she has to lay down.  When it is time to put the chicks back in their coop, I carry her in.  I don't see any obvious injury on her, and she is eating and drinking fine.  I am hoping she has simply sprained something, and will heal up on her own.  She is not getting worse, so far so good.  I do love that chicken.

Casey has been living the farm life.  He got a job driving a big truck at a farming operation in southeastern Idaho.  He is working long days, but is loving it so far.  He came home last night and spent the night, then was back to the farm today.  I am super proud of him.  This is just what he needed right now, to get out of the city, and get some fresh air and some good hard work!  Here are some pictures he sent me from his iPhone...

Have a great Monday everyone...and a great week ahead.

Some photos I took of my world during the week...

Yellow squash everywhere!

The squash is growing almost as fast as Blake's mustache.  <grin>
Kentucky Wonder Beans.
 My jungle.
Miss Lilly. 

 Grandpa Dozer.

Lipton onion, bean dip, queso cheese, Frito, Sriracha, avocado burgers.

The girls...

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.


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