Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 22, 2015 - Gardening Can Be Stressful!

I thought gardening was supposed to be a relaxing hobby?  Gardening can be downright stressful when you care too much.  Today I walked outside to check my main garden, and it looked like the Jolly Green Giant had gone stomping through it!

My main tomato plant was on the ground.  :'(  I guess those baby maters got too heavy for the vine, and the entire plant fell over.  They have outgrown the stakes Jack had placed by them.  I am really second guessing my decision not to buy tomato cages. What was I thinking?

I added a few more stakes to the ground, and carefully tied the plant back up into position.  Tonight I will be watching some Youtube videos on how to properly prune tomatoes.

My transplanted peppers from yesterday seem to be recovering as well.  Even the one that Blake accidentally decapitated is still green where it needs to be.  There may be hope for the little pepper plant.

The good thing about the Kentucky Bean plant growing so fast is that it is helping hold up my cherry tomatoes and helping the yellow squash leaves stay off the ground.  It is my very own natural support system.

In other news, Thelma, my Wellsummer chicken, seems much better today.  She still rests more than forages, but her limp is much improved.  She is definitely healing from whatever injury she managed to get poor dear.  Thank God!

The pepper transplants...
My poor tomato collapsed under all the weight of the maters.
Everything back where it belongs...
If I had this many babies hanging off of me, I am sure I would be on the ground too! 
 My Kentucky Bean vines holding the squash...
 ...and the cherry tomatoes up.

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.


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