Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 18, 2014

Hello Dear Family,

I am on to you sneaky boys!  The other day it was, "Hey mom, dad is starving, can you cook him something?"  Last night it was daddy saying..."Hey mama, Garrett is starving, want to make something good to eat?"  Uh-huh...stinkers.  So yes, there I was at midnight making two large trays of chili-cheese enchiladas for my boys.  And between the four of them, there was not a drop of food left.  I love my men.  :)

Then Casey and Blake proceeded to stay up well into the morning playing video games.  Needless today, I have two very tired young men this afternoon.

Daddy is off again today, so he is lending Garrett a hand with his truck restoration project.  They have been working together on it all day, and have gotten a lot of work done.  Garrett is hand sanding every inch of that truck until it is nice and smooth,  It was awesome to have an extra set of hands to help him out today.  Dad and son have enjoyed working together, and that makes this mama's heart very happy.

It has been a great day.

Until next time...

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"Hey Blake, maybe you shouldn't have stayed up all night playing video games?"
 "Yeah buddy, I am pretty wiped today."
  "Me too Blake.  It is hard work being the most amazing dog on the planet."
Garrett got some help from dad today on "The Kraken" restoration project.

Music I am listening to today...Christina Aguilera, Something's Got A Hold On Me

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