Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February 17, 2016 - Happy Almost Spring!

Is it Spring yet?  Honestly, I can't believe I am uttering those words from my lips being to Autumn...winter is my second favorite season.  However, I am really excited about so many things.

In no particular order...

1.  My grandson Axel is due in May, and we are all very excited to meet him!  I am particularly excited to witness what an amazing father I know Casey  is going to be.  He is already so incredibly protective and sentimental that it makes my heart melt. <3  He is very blessed to have Brianna in his life.  They make the perfect little family, and we love them so much.

2.  My bike is calling me!  I really miss riding my bike.  I was telling Blake the other day that I am worried that now that we have a car, no one is going to want to cycle with me anymore.  He said..."Yes, probably."  Noooooo!  Cycling must still be mama's primary mode of transportation. Well, at the very least my primary mode of fun!

3.  Gardening is also calling to me.  I miss my garden, and can not wait to start planning my Spring garden.  It is going to be amazing!  I am a little worried about the hens though.  They have had free reign over the entire back yard this winter, so keeping them out of my garden this spring is going to be tricky at best.

4.  Photography adventures.  It is always possible to have photography adventures any time of the year, and Lord knows I have plenty of things to photograph, but I am looking forward to seeing some Spring colors. Now that Blake is taking his photography more seriously, we will have lots of fun taking photos.

The year has started out on a great note.  I do miss my Cooper and Penny, though.  That still bums me out on a daily basis, but as long as they are healthy and happy then I need not worry. And I have the occasional Facebook chat with Brandon, so I know everything is well.  I do love them so much. Another thing that really bums me out is Dozer.  A few days ago I was sure it might be time to have him put down.  He could not stand at all, and needed help walking.  Garrett told me to wait.  He just knows that Dozer is not ready and has a few good months left in him.  Sure enough, Dozer was back up and walking 24 hours later.  He still has his moments, and some days are pretty slow, but I think Garrett might be right.  Goodness, I can not even begin to fathom a life without our Dozer.  :(

I am feeling very positive about the year ahead.  Garrett is finally starting his Youtube channel which I know will be amazing.  He has a new Macbook Pro, the new GoPro Hero Black which shoots in 4k video, and a new camera lens, so no more excuses!  He is feeling motivated and has great ideas for content. Blake wants to get started on his channel too, so I bought him a new computer.  Up to now, Blake usually gets every one's hand-me-down computers, so he is very excited to have a new one to call his own. Casey and Brianna will be getting married and starting their perfect little family.  They moved home last month to save some money for the baby and a new house.  Jack and I don't ever want them to leave!  I love having them here with us.  But Brianna would like to be settled in her own home by the time the baby comes, and I don't blame her.  I do remind them daily that there is no hurry, though. :)  Jack and I are better than we have ever been. Going into our 33rd year together, and 32nd year of marriage, life is good.  Retirement for him comes in October of 2017, so it is time to start planning where to buy our retirement home.  I am still hoping for rural, like Cascade, McCall or Gardnerville.

2016 is going to be an EPIC year of greatness!!

Random photos from the past few weeks...

Happy Valentine's Day!  Jack got me a lovely card, and some chocolate covered strawberries.

 Miss Lilly's Valentine greeting.  She only has eyes for you. :)
Blake enjoying some down time with Miss Lilly.  Poor kid missed an entire week of school due to a nasty throat infection, then he got the flu, and now he has a terrible cold!  Hopefully, he is just getting a full year of sickness out of the way early.  He has been miserable!!
A sweet gift from Gen. Garrett's girlfriend brought me this lovely rooster mug for no reason at all. I love it!  Garrett is so blessed to have such an amazing lady in his life.  Gen is funny and kind and we all love her to pieces!
My beautiful chickens, Rosie, and Annabelle, have survived a pretty cold winter.  They are amazing little hens and are still both laying a perfect egg each, every single day.

The beautiful Miss Annabelle.
The lovely, sassy, Rosie. :)

I decided to take inventory of what I carry in my camera bag.  The conclusion...I carry way too much! 
 But it does all fit snugly in my new Lowepro bag.

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.


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