Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 7, 2015 - Day One of Cycling Season, 2015

Hello Dear Family,

Today was day one of cycling season.  I was a little nervous about taking too long of a ride.  My last bike ride was in October, for just over 2 miles.  The last long ride was 12 miles in September, so I wanted to take it slow.  I will admit though, the fact that I felt nervous about riding confused me a little?  I have quite a few miles under my belt.  Perhaps as I get older, I get a little more cautious.

I am happy to report that other than being a little nervous starting out, it was an easy ride.  The only pain I felt was in my wrists.  Otherwise, I did great.  Stamina was good, and my legs were strong.

On the way home, the last 1/2 mile is straight up a big hill.  On a good day, it is impossible to ride up on a fixed gear bike.  Blake decided to text big brother to see if he was home, and perhaps he could give us a ride.  Garrett had just gotten home from work, so he was happy to rescue us at the bottom of the hill.

This particular hill is almost impossible to ride to the top of.  Ordinarily we take the hill a few miles down, but due to some construction on the greenbelt, we had to detour.  We end up walking the bikes anyway. One day I will pedal all the way up that sucker.  You just wait!  I have also decided that it is time to graduate from my cruiser bike to an 18 speed mountain bike.  Cruising is okay for a slow, casual ride, but I am reading to step up my biking game.

It is going to be a great cycling year.

Ready for our first ride.
Dinner before cycling.  Makes sense to me.  Blake had grilled shrimp, and I enjoyed some yummy chicken-fried steak.

Slow for duck crossing.

The older Blake gets, the more green his left eye gets.  Mr. I have one green eye, one blue eye.  :)

Beautiful Boise day.  Temperature 56°f, light breeze and clear blue skies.

Taking photos along the way.

Oh, fancy meeting you here at the bottom of this HUGE to drive us the last 1/2 mile home son?   
Thank you Garrett.  :)

Total Ride - 9.77 miles.  It is a start.  :)  Blake accidentally reset the biking app at the restaurant, but it recorded both entries for the day.

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.

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