Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016 - January Update!

One should never be too busy to blog, but I sure have been.  Time to remedy that now.

Since the first of the year...

This sweet, adorable, remarkable boy turned 5! 
Sadly, his mama and I are not speaking right now, so I did not get to see Cooper for his birthday.  I did not even get to speak to him on the phone. None of us did. :'(  I wrapped up some gifts for him and for Penny, and sent them in the mail.  It is always exciting to receive packages in the mail.  Of the gifts I sent him, my favorite was the illustrated copy of the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  A gift I hope he will enjoy for a lifetime. "We love you Cooper and Penny!" 

Next up, Garrett.  Garrett just returned from a week in San Francisco.  He is working with his best friend to develop a community of amazing photographers called The Art Of Visuals.  They were in San Francisco to launch their first magazine.  The trip was a tremendous success!  Other than the idiots that decided to break into their rental car and steal thousands of dollars worth of equipment.  But even that did not slow them down.  Garrett took some amazing pictures, and his love of photography has been re-kindled.  YAY!  Here are some stunning photos by Garrett.

Garrett has an amazing Instagram.  You can check out his work by clicking *HERE* 

Garrett and his girlfriend Genevieve are doing great.  We really love Genevieve.  She is quirky and fun, and above all, loving and kind.  I adore her!  We all do!  For Christmas, her brother gave us an older model Ford Escort.  It is an awesome car, and Blake and I are loving having a good car to adventure in.  We are so thankful to Genevieve and her family. 

In Casey and Brianna news, they have moved home to stay with us for a while, and Jack and I are thrilled to have them.  This is such a big house, and with just Jack, Garrett, Bake and I, it has felt very empty.  Brianna is doing very well with her pregnancy, and baby Axel Ray is growing healthy and strong.  Brianna has the most perfect and adorable little baby belly.  We will be taking update pictures soon.  In the is my perfect grandson. <3
Casey and Brianna are working hard every day.  Brianna is absolutely delightful, and I love having her here at home with us.  She is so sweet and kind.  Casey has grown up so much, and takes excellent care of his little family.  I am very proud of them.  And we can not wait to meet sweet baby Axel!  <3

Blake just finished the semester, and he did well.  He feels like he should have made higher grades, and wants to get his GPA up to a 4.0.  Just the fact that he wants to do that, makes me very proud of him.  He will be taking photography this new semester, and driver's ed too.  He is very excited!  Oh, and he will be playing basketball as well. 

Here he is driving to school in the morning.  He is a great driver!
 Some beautiful sunset photos we took.

Jack and I are doing better than ever.  I swear, I love that man more today than I have ever loved him!  We will be celebrating 31 years of marriage on February 2, we have been together for 32 years.

I stumbled up these photos below that were taken 31 year ago on January 12, 1985.  San Antonio had a record-breaking 13.5 inches of snow. Unheard of in South Texas! Jack and I had spent the entire day driving around the city taking photos, and we made this epic snowman and snowwoman. That night as I went to remove the film from the camera, I realized that the film had not properly loaded and I had not taken any pictures at all! I was devastated! Jack handed me his cowboy boots, told me to dry my tear...s, and suggested we should go outside to take new the dark. We did and had a blast doing it. There I was at almost midnight, in shorts and cowboy boots taking pictures in the snow. The neighbors thought I had lost my mind. Not all the photos came out, but the memories we made that night were priceless. Only 3 weeks later, I married my Jack...and 31 years later, he is still my Jack. :)

And now for the dogs...Miss Lilly is doing great, and Ducati is a HUGE pain in the butt!  Now that Brianna and Casey have moved home, he whines all the damn time.  We are hoping once he gets used to have Casey and Brianna here, he will settle down.  If not, he will be banished to Narnia.  No, not really...but there are days we would like to banish him to another planet.
 Supra celebrated year 6 with us, and is doing great!
And our number one canine, Dozer, celebrated his 12th birthday yesterday.  Our sweet, gentle, amazing, stinky Dozer.  Blake and I treated him to a spa day, and took him out for an adventure.  We have decided that he will go on all of our future adventures from this day forward.  He is the perfect adventure companion.

Miss Lilly will have to stay home and do what she does best...guard the house.  :)
And finally, the chickens.  Miss Annabelle and Miss Rosie are doing great!  They each give us one perfect egg a day.  They are beautiful little hens, and I love them so much...other than that hour every morning at around 9:00 AM when the give me their chicken song.  It is a bit loud and obnoxious, but what is one to do?  If I had to lay an egg a day, I would probably be screeching...not singing. 

Until next time...enjoy life, and be kind to one another.


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